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About us

“Real science is that which is for the whole world, and thus, if we want to be real scientists and – as is apt – good Hungarians, we have to raise the standard of science so high that it becomes visible even outside of our homeland and in turn is duly revered.”
Eötvös Loránd – President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1899–1905)

Akadémiai Kiadó, founded in 1828 by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), is Hungary’s oldest continuously operating publishing house. Our mission is to promote Hungarian and international science, that is, to publish the new discoveries in various areas of science, to effectively support information exchange amongst scientists on a global level, and to make scientific results a public property for all who seek valuable and reliable knowledge.
Our traditions oblige us. Our aim is to become the most significant scientific publishing house of Central and Eastern-Europe whilst maintaining excellent quality, further improving our important scientific and business partnerships, creating scientific, economic and social values and keeping ahead the revolution in communication technology that reshapes the publishing industry.

Dictionaries, textbooks
We offer assistance with fast and effective language learning. Our textbooks, electronic and audio materials are a pledge of successful language and school leaving exams.
Our dependable, up-to-date dictionaries covering 20 languages and several types accommodate diverse demands. These publications, available in print and on-line, and as computerized and mobile applications, are a must for professionals, translators and those who read scientific literature or wish to improve their language proficiency.

Although the function of publishing houses as a medium of scientific information exchange continuously changes in line with the development of technology, the importance of personal encounter of scientists does not diminish.
We organized our first successful international conference in 2009, and for 2011 we have plans for two subsequent world conferences in medicine and biology. We are a trustworthy and flexible partner, and we are well aware of the unique needs and expectations of the scientific community.
Professional textbooks and handbooks, and popular scientific books
Our textbooks and handbooks on natural sciences, medicine and humanities are read and used by tens of thousands of students. These regularly revised and published professional books are a mainstay of lifelong career. Our business and economics related books published in 6 thematic series and covering popular subjects as well support lifelong learning with publications written for university and college students, executive managers and researchers alike.
A similarly important goal is to publish well-written and entertaining books of scientific merit, including the translations of international best-sellers.

Akadémiai Kiadó edits the largest portfolio of scientific, technical and medical journals in Hungary with more than 60 peer-reviewed papers representing a score of scientific fields. Out of the 17 Hungarian periodicals awarded an impact factor 14 is published by ourselves.
Co-operating with market-leading subcontractors from all over the world we offer an advanced and excellent on-line service for our authors and readers regardless of their geographical location.