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János Nagy

Maize production

This book deals with the origin, botanical properties and physiology of maize as one of the most important cultivated plants of the world. Special attention is paid to the scientific results available as well as practical experiences, which have been gathered over the last generations by several students and practising experts.

Ecological conditions and techniques of cultivation have been analysed as for their interaction with the genotypes represented by the recent result of plant breeding: the modern hybrids (soil tillage * fertilization * planting density * watering * genotype).

The scientific value of the treatment is founded by the life-work of professor János Nagy comprising several decades of long term field experiments, which are outstanding in representing the conditions of Central Europe, and contribute also to the body of knowledge referring to the original home of maize, the American continent.

Today, a host of several thousand products are made from maize (foods, plastics, bioethanol), which require diverse qualities of maize, consequently different genotypes preferred by the particular processing industries. The author draws upon the rich past and exploits the new achievements of the rapidly developing technologies. It is also a good example for utilizing achievements of scientific research in commercial plant production by raising effectiveness as well as quality.

The twelve chapters of the book provide comprehensive information, which will be useful as decisive aid for teachers, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as growers, moreover, members of extension services with a vocation being prone to attempt the improvement of the philosophy as well as technology in their own enterprise.

The author is convinces that by thoughtful planning and purposeful activity the possibly most economical maize growing could be realized including the reduced environmental charges and approaching the idea of sustainability by up-to day management.

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  • Number of pages: 410
  • Size: B5_01
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630586368
  • Article code: 4000017914
  • Publication date: 2008