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Smart Fields, Smart Wells and Smart Technologies

As the worldwide oil and gas consumption continues to grow, we should face an unprecedented challenge: How will we be able to meet the global oil and gas demand throughout the 21st century. Unfortunately, the operators at fields, face serious constrains: Among others, they are often short of efficient production technology. Therefore, the advanced technologies and their wider application have never been so important than in our time when the operations are extended to challenging and harsh areas. The progress in well and field technology, however, fundamentally depends on R&D activity. Successful research projects may provide indispensable information and guideline for petroleum engineers to create smart wells, smart fields and smart technologies. The driving force of the unavoidable changes is rooted in the fact that scientists and engineers are jointly responsible for economizing the available natural resources, their exploration, recovery, storage, transportation and overall utilization. Accordingly, the priority of this book series and its seventh volume is to enhance our knowledge, disseminate the new scientific achievements and accelerate the application and implementation of the efficient, particularly chemical technologies in the oil and gas industry. The editorial board and the authors are firmly convinced that students, engineers and all professionals being interested and working in exploration, reservoir and fluid characterization, well stimulation and improved/enhanced oil and gas recovery for the sake of a stable and continuous hydrocarbon supply during the coming decades will appreciate the papers presented in this volume.

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  • Oldalszám: 336
  • Formátum: B5_01
  • Borító típusa: kemény, papír
  • ISBN: 9789630585507
  • Cikk kód: 4000014674
  • Kiadás éve: 2007