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László Antal, Lajos Bokros, László Csaba, Dóra Győrffy, László Muraközy, Ádám Török

Fecseg a felszín és hallgat a mély

Tudatok és tudatalattik a gazdaságpolitikában

Chattering Surface - Silent Deepness. Subconsciousness of the Economic Policy in Hungary (Ed. László Muraközy)

After 1990 in Hungary the difficult process of the economic and social transition has promised a prosperous future for the people. Following the initial success, in the past few years Hungarian economic policy has stepped off the path of sustainable growth. The six authors (L. Antal, L. Bokros, L. Csaba, D. Győrffy, L. Muraközy, Á. Török) in this book aim to identify the major reasons for this unexpected turn, and bring to the surface the deeper whys and wherefores. Although they use very different approaches in this quest, their commonality lies in the shared conviction that economic policy-making cannot be understood within a narrow economic perspective without looking at the broader social and political forces that surround the decisions. In the same way, when required, they put their investigations in tighter or broader international and historical perspective too.

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  • Number of pages: 300
  • Size: A5_01
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630585668
  • Article code: 4000014933
  • Publication date: 2007
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