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Károly Krisztina, Fóris Ágota

New Trends in Translation Studies

In Honour of Kinga Klaudy

The studies in the volume draw on recent research in Translation Studies to present arguments for promising new directions in theory and analysis. Part One includes contributions related directly to the theory of translation, Part Two contains studies that focus on the analysis of particular translations where the languages in focus are English, Finnish, Russian, French and Hungarian. The papers related to the theory of translation centre around the models and paradigms of Translation Studies, translation strategies, typology, the notion of equivalence, explicitation, issues of terminology and translator training. The empirical studies that report on the findings of translation analyses deal, among others, with research on translation universals, hermeneutics, the phenomenon of tautology, explicitation and machine translation. New Trends in Translation Studies is essential reading for anyone engaged in researching the theory and practice of translation. Kinga Klaudy has obtained international reputation for original work in Translation Studies and has become widely recognized as one of the most distinguished scholars of the field. This book is dedicated to her as an expression of the gratitude and respect felt by her students, colleagues and fellow researchers.

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