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Felföldi László, Dunin Elsie Ivancich, Wharton Anne von Bibra

Dance and Society

Re-appraising our past, moving into the future: research on dance and society: it was the main idea of the22nd symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology, held in 2002 in Szeged, Hungary. Participants of the meeting, namely authors of the papers in this volume presented several new topics and ideas which provides guidelines or further encouragement for the researchers of the field - „dance and society". Several presentations related to how we collect information, raising issues related to memory, intellectual versus kinesthetic modes of data collection, and the use of technology and the internet. A number of papers touched on the impact the research has on the subject/people researched, and vice versa. Issues relating to comparison were discussed, touching on the importance of a significant data pool and questions of extensive/exhaustive data versus data that comprises a selected sampling. Improvisation was a theme touched on by several presenters. There are differing views of what this term means, and that it is not always clearly defined when used. Is it helpful to distinguish between improvisation and spontaneous choreography? Can we clearly determine the limits or boundaries of each? The concept of improvisation is particularly relevant to the symposium theme. Can improvisation be part of the process of appraisal and progression? How does it relate to both the past and the future? Is it one of the dynamic aspects of culture? Another theme addressed, which can also relate to improvisation, is that of memory. How does improvisation or spontaneous choreography build on a set of learned movements, rhythms, steps, and so on? What kind of memory remains after the performance? Beside the papers, the volume contains documents of a Panel on dance and aesthetics organised by, reports on the various sub-study groups and and the material of the special session on the 40th anniversary of the Study Group. This volume represents a nice co-operation of the advanced and new scholars of the field of ethnochoreology. Some names from the advanced ones: Anca Giurchescu, Grazina Dabrowska, Adrianne Kaeppler, Egil Bakka, Theresa J. Buckland, Judy Van Zile, Mohd Anis Md Nor, Ángel Acuña Delgado, Carlo Bonfiglioli, Olivera Vasic Nancy Lee Ruyter, Stephanie Smith, Placida Staro, Daniela Stavélová. Some of the new researchers: Chi-Fang Chao, Adriana Cruz, Mehmet Ocal Özbilgin, Selena Rakocevic, Norio Inagaki.

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  • Oldalszám: 292
  • Formátum: B5_01
  • Borító típusa: kartonalt
  • ISBN: 9789630582735
  • Cikk kód: 4000005438
  • Kiadás éve: 2005