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József Katona, Bernard Adams

The Viceroy

The present volume, entitled The Viceroy is the first English edition of the Hungarian dramatist, József Katona's (1791-1830) classic tragedy Bánk Bán (1815), which has been long regarded as one of the greatest literary achievements of 19th century Hungarian literature.

In 1213 in the absence of King Andrew II a group of Hungarian lords plan a murderous attempt against the queen, Gertrude. By using the chronicles of Bonfini and Gáspár Heltai, the author gives not only an overall picture about the medieval Hungarian kingdom, but also draws parallels between 13th and 19th century political conditions. The work is also remarkable for its portrayal of emotional conflict.

The tragedy was set to music by Francis Erkel (1810-93) and has become Hungary's most popular opera.

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  • Number of pages: 190
  • Size: A5_01
  • Type of Cover: kartonalt
  • ISBN: 9630579626
  • Article code: 4000000542
  • Publication date: 2003