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Listening Comprehension at the Language Examination (with audio CD) - German

For intermediate learners

At the language examination offered by the Centre for Foreign Languages (CFL) the listening comprehension section proves to be the most difficult one for many examinees. These books (in English, German and French) help the would-be examinees at intermediate level by introducing the exam task precisely and providing practice to it. They are published in the series of ORIGÓ LANGUAGE EXAMINATION PUBLICATIONS. Each of them introduces authentic texts and exam-papers taken from the exercise bank of the CFL. Each cassette/audio CD contains twenty listening materials in a foreign language, and each book includes the exercises related to them and the detailed answer keys that help language learners in self-evaluation. The transcription of the audio material also helps self-check. The first text is elaborated both in the book and on the cassette/audio CD in the way it can be experienced in the real exam situation: it offers as much time for listening the task and answering the questions as during the exam. In this way examinees can get a proper picture of the listening comprehension exercise as it is run at the examination. The authors of the books are teachers and examiners of the CFL - they can provide a more authentic selection of the exam-papers than ever.

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  • ISBN: 9789630575553
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