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Csikós Janzer

“Four Mighty Ones Are in Every Man”

The Development of the Fourfold in Blake

This book focuses on one of the most debated prophecies of Blake, The Four Zoas. The approach is basically psychological and before the main thesis is elaborated a brief survey is given about the most frequently studied parallels, such as Freud and Jung. The dissertation then proceeds to examine a new aspect: a parallel is drawn between the hypotheses of Lipót Szondi, disciple to Freud, and Blake's visionary universe. Szondi's System of Drives helps illuminate several questionable passages of Blake's dream vision, furthermore, as the parallel points out, an interesting change is discernible in Blake's concepts about Enlightenment and Rationalism, whereby the previously rejected ideas become integrated into a fourfold world of wholeness and intellectual sanity.

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  • Number of pages: 138
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  • ISBN: 9630579367
  • Article code: 4000000363
  • Publication date: 2003
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