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Éva Barta, Ágnes Loch

Written Tasks at the Economic Language Examination - English

For intermediate and advanced learners

This book was published in the series of PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS LANGUAGE EXAMINATIONS. It is written for students and experts learning English who aim at taking a professional business language examination at intermediate or advanced level. The book contains tests including tasks that appear in the written part of various business language examinations. The book is divided into two sections: the first introduces tasks at intermediate level and the second at advanced level. Each has further parts according to the types of the tasks. The information on the specific type of exercises and the recommended time for solving the tasks can be found at the beginning of each part. At the end of the sections there are keys and sample answers for the tasks to encourage self-check. The authors of the book teach at the Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism of the Budapest Business School.

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  • Number of pages: 184
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