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Translation into Hungarian and Reading Comprehension – French

For intermediate learners

These books (in English, German and French) provide help for those who are preparing for an intermediate examination in foreign languages. They are published in the series of RIGÓ LANGUAGE EXAMINATION PUBLICATIONS by Akadémiai Kiadó. Each of them introduces the authentic exam-papers of the Centre for Foreign Languages: twenty translation tasks (from a foreign language into Hungarian) and twenty reading comprehension exercises (texts in a foreign language along with Hungarian questions). In self-study preparation language learners are provided with detailed answer keys. The authors of the books - teachers and examiners of Rigó language examination - give the description of the exercises and also some important practical advice on successful preparation for the would-be examinees. The books are useful not only for examinees but also for all those who aim at developing their skill of mediation between Hungarian and a foreign language for any reason.

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  • Number of pages: 152
  • Size: B5_01
  • Type of Cover: kartonalt
  • ISBN: 9789630577311
  • Article code: 2090000038
  • Publication date: 2000

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