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Tibor Frank

Ethnicity, Propaganda, Myth-Making

Studies on Hungarian Connections to Britain and America. 1848—1945

Containing over twenty essays on various forms of thought control, censorship, propaganda, and myth-making, this book describes defining patterns of thinking that relate to ethnocentrism, nativism and nationalism, in and out of East-Central Europe, the Habsburg Monarchy and Hungary.       Based upon extensive archival research in both Europe and the United States, the volume consists of well-documented historical case-studies in three large areas. The author argues that the individual chapters present a consistent pattern as they reveal the overarching social psychological and political structures of the society that produced them. From a variety of sources it becomes evident that these, often repetitive, patterns of the East-Central European mind are historically and psychologically rooted in the political culture and should be remembered accordingly, today and tomorrow. The book is intended as a reminder that repressive efforts could easily continue under democratic, open political and social structures in similar though different fashion than under previous, closed structures. The volume should help introduce the reader into the historical creation of Hungarian identities and images.

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  • Number of pages: 392
  • Size: B5
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 963 05 7659 7
  • Article code: 2010000225
  • Publication date: 1999