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László Várady

Politico-Military Oddities in Late Antiquity with Looks at Present

The often amazing modernity of the Byzantine world is impressively supported by the vigorous military textbooks of an early Byzantine anonymous author, a military expert who presents a host of curiosities and experiences being valid at the present too and giving insights in the gist of military, inclusively e. g. in the military psychology or specific issues of logistics. Before these Byzantine curiosities the author of this work offers in Part One a new concept of the notion "military" both in historical and in present context, as well as - fitting into the immediate military setting - he invokes the eternal historico-political strand of "war and peace" suggesting in nine points the criteria of a civilized world order for a large trajectory of time.

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  • Number of pages: 108
  • Size: B5_01
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630587808
  • Article code: 4000021476
  • Publication date: 2009

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