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István Lakatos

Novelties in Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery

t the dawn of the new millennium remarkable modifications in R&D strategies have been initiated world-wide by the radical changes of the international oil and gas market. That fact, particularly in the improved and enhanced oil recovery, made the earlier attitudes and paradigms obsolete, and the responsible authorities pay reverence again in all research activities and achievements aimed at contributing to increase the recovery efficiency, cash-flow and profitability. An up-to-date question facing every company is how to realise value through strategic application of new scientific results and innovations. Clue of success in these efforts is: continuous research and development. Therefore, the papers in the second volume of Progress in Mining and Oilfield Chemistry are mostly devoted to the most efficient technologies including the chemical flooding and well stimulation, but in some papers the latest results of organic and inorganic geochemistry, mining chemistry, mineral processing and also some relevant questions in environmental chemistry are also dealt with. The authors of more than thirty papers are representing numerous leading research institutes and countries and their skill, through grounding and experiences are the guarantees to have an interesting and thought-provoking reading when surfing in this book. Hopefully, most of the presented approaches, methodologies, results and conclusions will open new vistas in R&D and as earlier, this volume of the series will become again an interactive tool to integration of knowledge, learning, communication and practice attracting again a wide circle of scientists and engineers.

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  • Number of pages: 350
  • Size: B5_01
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9630577240
  • Article code: 2010000284
  • Publication date: 2000