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Márta Birkás

Environmentally-sound adaptable tillage

Environmentally-sound adaptable tillage is recommended to fellow university teachers and to professionals helping farmers improve their cropping practices in the Pannonian region and in Central Europe in general, by giving advice or providing extension services.

This book should be of interest particularly for scientists who put their findings and results to the test in practice, as well as for other researchers in general. Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students alike may also find this a useful piece of work.

Most of the research findings and other details of use for farmers and fellow scientists come from the authors' own experiments and research. These are supplemented by highly useful input from other Hungarian scientists and farmers, along with those of other countries in this region (from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Romania), as well as by findings of scientists and colleagues in Britain, Australia, Germany and North-America.

The following nine chapters of this volume enable recognising the need for and help implementing practices of environment-conserving and climate-adaptable tillage: Soil condition assessment - Aims of soil tillage - Traditions and new directions -  Tillage - energy requirement and soil damage - The effect of site factors - how to reduce damage - The influence of biological factors - Adaptable, environmentally focused tillage - Practical applicability of environment conserving and energy saving tillage - Environment conservation adaptable land use  -  Lesson drawn from the history of tillage.

Environmentally-sound adaptable tillage involves improving the quality of the soil, conserving its values in line with site, climate, mechanisation and farming conditions. A number of tillage and sowing methods along with practical tricks that are worth trying and introducing are described on the pages of this book to help mitigating climate damage.

Cultivating the soil and maintaining a well-kept agricultural landscape are a common goal for nations: an objective that requires and, indeed, deserves daily attention and care.

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