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Csanádi Maria

Self-Consuming Evolutions

A Model on the structure, Self-reproduction, Self-destruction and Transformation of Party-State Systems tested in Romania, Hungary and China

How can we explain similarities and differences in the operation and transformation of party-states? Why do some party-states carry out reforms and others do not? Why do some collapse and others do not? Why are some transformations accompanied by economic crisis while others by economic growth? The author introduces the Interactive Party-State (IPS) model as an empirically based, comprehensive tool for analyzing and comparing self-similarities and differences in the structure, operation and transformation of these systems. Dr. Maria Csanádi is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Economics, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her major field is China and comparative transformations. Her works were published in the UK, the US, Germany and China. "This is … probably the richest comparative study we will ever see of state socialism, its internal logic and its consequences." Valerie Bunce, Chair, International Studies,  Department of Government Cornell University "This book …has a great explanatory power over the different lives of different party-states in Asia and Europe." Jinglian Wu, Senior Research Fellow, Development Research Center of the State Council, China "The kind of comparison that this author dares to work with simply does not exist in any of the rich, extant literature on post-communist transitology." Peter Katzenstein, International Studies,  Department of Government Cornell University

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  • Number of pages: 342
  • Size: B5_01
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630583356
  • Article code: 4000008753
  • Publication date: 2006