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Copyright and Archiving

Green Open Access / Self Archiving
Copyright Issues and Archiving Options of Akadémiai Kiadó Journals

Authors of Akadémiai Kiadó Journals are requested to sign a Statement with Green Open Access extension unless they chose any of the Open Access possibilities (see here). This transfer of certain rights refers to the final and published version of the article but does not restrict Author to self-archive the preprint version of his/her paper.

Akadémiai Kiadó is a Green Publisher, so our Authors are entitled to self-archive the preprint version of their manuscripts. The preprint version is the Author’s manuscript or the galley proof or the Author’s manuscript along with the corrections made in the course of the peer review process. The Author’s right to self-archive is irrespective of the format of the preprint (.doc, .tex., .pdf, etc.) version and self-archiving includes the free circulation of this file via e-mail or publication of this preprint on the Author’s webpage or on the Author’s institutional repository with open or restricted access or any repository mandated by Author's funding body. When self-archiving a paper the Author should clearly declare that the archived file is not the final published version of the paper, he/she should quote the correct citation and enclose a link to the published paper ( [DOI of the Article without brackets]).

In case the aforementioned link is not enclosed even following the Publisher’s notice or Author violates the above access restrictions, Publisher is entitled to claim the valid Open Access fee to be paid by Author.
We request our Authors to choose and sign the relevant Licence Agreement from our webpage.