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Bóna Judit

(Dis)fluencies in children’s speech

Disfluencies (filled pauses, filler words, repetitions, part-word repetitions, prolongations, broken words, and revisions) are natural phenomena of everyday speech. They are insights on the speech planning processes indicating speech planning difficulties or self-monitoring, and play an important role in turn-taking during conversations. The occurrences of disfluencies in speech are affected by several factors. One of these is the speaker’s age.
This volume is a collection of nine articles on the topic of speech planning and speech production of children from the aspects of fluency, disfluency, speech tempo, and pausing.
The volume is recommended to linguists, experts of phonetics and psycholinguistics, speech and language therapists, university students, child language specialists, and everybody who is interested in child language.

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  • Cikk kód: PTUDX00339
  • ISBN: 978 963 454 709 9
  • Kiadás éve: 2021
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