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Prices of offprints (reprints) with covers

Implementation: Stitched on 80 g paper

Prices for all starting 8 pages

20 – 50 number of offprint copies                    9.20 EUR + VAT/copy
52 – 100 number of offprint copies               4.80 EUR + VAT/copy
102 – 1000 number of offprint copies           3.20 EUR + VAT/copy
1002 – 2000 number of offprint copies         1.60 EUR + VAT/copy
2002 – 5000 number of offprint copies         1.20 EUR + VAT/copy
Over 5002 number of offprint copies              1.00 EUR + VAT/copy

Color prints                                                            0.50 EUR + VAT/sheet/copy

Color ads on cover 4
(70% discount ,
if the ad was in the original issue as well)     1280.00 EUR +VAT/page

Discount for (corresponding)
authors up to 100 copies                                   50%

Pre-order discount
(before the original issue is sent to press)    15%

Postage and handling    
Delivery within Hungary is free
15% surcharge for delivery outside Hungary
20% surcharge for airmail delivery

Valid from May 30, 2007

Terms of Delivery
Pre-payment is required. Please arrange your payment after receiving our invoice. Delivery will take place after receipt of payment.

Financial conditions
-    Customers in the EU should quote their VAT number on all orders. In this case the invoice will be exclusive of VAT.
-    Customers in the EU with no VAT number will receive an invoice including the appropriate amount of VAT. That is, out invoice will include VAT.

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