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Albert Ágnes

Stories Students Tell

Creativity and oral narrative task performance of English majors in Hungary

This monograph presents research conducted in connection with the relationships between individual difference variables, like creativity and language aptitude, and the oral narrative task performance of first year English major university students. Changes in language instruction that involve greater reliance on learners' creativity imply that researching creativity as a potentially important individual variable should be imminent. The prominence of tasks in the classroom and in tests suggests that tasks and their decisive features leading to differences in task performance should also be investigated.
The findings of the monograph contribute to a deeper understanding of how different individual differences contribute to oral narrative task performance on the one hand, and on the other, they shed light on the differential effects of task complexity. Therefore, the monograph might be of interest for researchers, course book writers and practising teachers alike.

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  • Article code: PTUDX00301
  • ISBN: 978 963 454 669 6
  • Publication date: 2021
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