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Mária Domokos, Katalin Paksa

"Vígsággal zeng Parnassusnak magas teteje"

18. századi kottás források és a magyar zenei néphagyomány

The Hungarian music history is rather poor in hand-written and printed musical sources, if any, they fall behind the European standards of their age. As the oral tradition has preserved several remnants of earlier centuries, that can lend help with the interpretation of sources often notated rudimentarily. That was probably what made Zoltán Kodály conclude that "a Hungarian musicologist must first be a folklorist".

     The book answers the questions as to what notated sources connected to folk music survive from the 18th century and what is their significance for music history and ethnomusicology. The art music and original folk music recordings of the online audio supplement serve as illustration to the notations.

     In view of the international, particularly Central European, relevance of the theme the publication is bilingual.

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  • Number of pages: 312
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  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630597319
  • Article code: 4000031394
  • Publication date: 2016
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