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Attila Paládi-Kovács

Népek, térségek, hagyományok

Peoples, Regions, Traditions

This book contains further fifteen ethno-geographic articles by the author. The introductory essay provides an overview about ethnic and territorial groups and the concepts of ethno-cartography and areal linguistics. Out of the spatial notions it pays special attention to zone, micro-area, district and micro-region. The majority of the papers investigate the ethnographic stratification and the Hungarian ethnic groups of three major historical regions of one-time Hungary (Transdanubia, Upper Hungary and Transylvania). It examines the concept of the Transdanubian region, and its position in the system of Hungarian language and habitation areas. It particularly scrutinizes the archaic features of the traditions in western Hungary.  Five papers study the traditions and history of Upper Hungary, especially the Palóc-Barkó territorial group. The book delineates the built-up and typical features of the Bükk Mountains and the surrounding micro-regions. It analyses the zonal distribution of Bódva area from the perspective of natural geography and ethnography. It presents the special position of Transylvania as a historical-ethnographic region and the antecedents of a comprehensive work entitled 'An Ethnography of Transylvania'. Two papers reveal the Hungarian Diasporas of South-Banat and their role in creating a cultural landscape. The book focuses on Hungarian ethnic groups but also deals with co-existing non-Hungarian peoples, the changes of ethnic spatial structure in the 18th century, interethnic relations, economic interdependence and cultural contacts.

The volume is illustrated with 26 maps, 46 figures and 69 photos.

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  • Publication date: 2015
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