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József Pap

Tanulmányok a dualizmus kori magyar parlamentarizmus történetéből

The present volume includes twelve papers on the history of Hungarian Parliamentarism in the Age of Dualism, first of which was published in 2005. When compiling this volume, the author did not simply republish his previous papers but in many cases he could give more precise conclusions using the results of the intervening years of research work and he could develop the train of thoughts that had been interrupted because of the limits of publishing size. These papers can be characterized with experimentations, seeking ways and means. In the course of the research work, beside the classical methods of historiography, statistical and geographic information system analysing methods were also applied. The most important task of the papers published here is to provide an establishment of a further synthesis which will integrate aspects of macro and micro examinations.

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  • Number of pages: 386
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  • ISBN: 9789630595100
  • Article code: 4000027950
  • Publication date: 2016
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