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Pléh Csaba, Csibra Gergely, Richerson Peter

Naturalistic approaches to culture

During the last three decades, several attempts were made to clarify the

possibilities and limitations of naturalistic approaches to mind and culture.

Themost important new vistas arise from modern evolutionary theory but the

issues also have, in the background, the traditional debates on reductionism

and biological determinism.

Some of the challenging issues involved in reconsidering biology and culture

in their relations are discussed in this volume:

_ the “natural” origin and “biology” of sociality,

_ the naturalistic origins of human cognitive capacities,

_ the interface between biological evolution and cultural evolution,

_ adaptation as exaptation in explaining culture,

_ universal and specific aspects of cultural systems such as languages,

_ the neural circuitry of primary (language like) and secondary (writing like)

_ cultural systems.

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