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for Users

Viewing our journals on-line
You can access our journals online at www.akademiai.com.

How to activate a free trial
Email the title of your paper, the name of the journal and the individual identifier (Metapress-ID) that you can obtain by registering at our homepage to journals@akkrt.hu. Once you emailed us with this ID, we can set up your 30-day free access to the journal.

How to register
1. Users with no ID should register on this page first. (click "register" on the left)
2. Click on the "Register Individual" button, on the page appearing.
3. Fill the required spaces (the Token space should be left blank).
4. Click on the "Register" button.
5. You will receive an e-mail from Metapress (our Web-provider) with the Metapress-ID.

After registering here please send us an e-mail with the MetaPress ID that you receive to journals@akkrt.hu so as to activate your registration.

As added benefit to our subscribers, you can access the electronic version of every printed journal along with other online-based functions:

- Online subscription
- Option of subscribing to our personalised New Issue Alert  emails
- Pay-per-view purchasing of individual articles
- Enhanced search capabilities such as full-text and abstract searching
- Custom links to your favourite title
- If you are an author you can read and download your paper (and access more full text papers).