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for Subscribers

Orders should be addressed to:
Akadémiai Kiadó
P. O. Box 245, H-1519 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 464 8240
Fax: +36 1 464 8221
E-mail: journals@akademiai.com

About Our Pricing Policy

Format dependent pricing

Print-plus-online and online formats are available, and they are priced
differently. The combined print-plus-online rate is about 15% higher. Customers currently receiving the online only option are renewed accordingly. Other subscriptions are renewed as print-plus-online ones but customers can migrate to the discounted online only pricing option.

Free access to back-files with current subscription – perpetual access rights
With a live subscription all online back issues of a particular journal or journal collection, going back to the first online issue (earliest 2000), are included in the subscription, whether or not they had been previously purchased. If subscriptions are maintained then current subscribers gain free access to previously unsubscribed material. Once a subscription is cancelled customers retain perpetual access to all online content that they have specifically subscribed to, but not to the back-files.

Benefit: Libraries that maintain a subscription to an individual title or a collection get free access to the earliest available online back-file volumes. AK has performed all these changes in order to satisfy customers and expand access to its content.

Please specify on all orders:
- title of the journal(s)
- year, volume number for which the subscription is entered
- complete mailing address, method of dispatch.

General terms and conditions:
- Subscriptions are entered on a calendar year basis.
- Subscriptions are considered as standing orders unless otherwise specified. They are renewed automatically unless cancelled in time.
- All pro-forma invoices are issued before the beginning of the subscription year. Pre-payment is required. At payment please quote our invoice and contact number.
- All living online subscriptions include access to the online back issues available online.

Financial conditions (only for costumers in the EU):
- Customers in the EU should quote their Value Added Tax (VAT) number on all orders.
In this case the invoice will be exclusive of VAT.
- Customers in the EU with no VAT number should add the appropriate amount of VAT to
their payment. That is, our invoice will include VAT.

Delivery will take place after receipt of payment which should be made by bank draft or credit
card. Our prices include normal postage and handling. Airmail delivery is also available at a
supplementary charge of EUR 20 or USD 28 (in North America, Canada and USA).

Once a subscription is paid cancellations must be made prior to the date of publication of the first issue.

Please quote the order number when placing a claim to expedite processing. Claims for missing issues should be made within 180 days after the publication of the current volume’s last issue. Otherwise such claims cannot be honoured free of charge.

Back volumes and issues are available for nearly all Akademiai journals. Please inquire about stock availability and prices. Pre-payment is required. No cancellation requests will be accepted once the order has been entered.

Accessing Online Journals
All AK journals are available at www.akademiai.com. If you are not already a registered user at any Atypon-hosted register here:https://www.akademiai.com/action/registration

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