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Terminii rodstva i svojstva v udmurtskom ja'züke

The many-sided linguistic analysis of the words meaning kinships (blood and family relationships) is rare in the international literature. In the present monograph the analysis of the Udmurt (Votyak) words is made on the basis of the structural-semantic features of their origin, conceptual content, and their morphological and syntactic peculiarities used in practice. At the same time it serves as a characteristics of the whole linguistic aspect of the Volga-Kama area, where we can witness a constant interaction between the Finno-Ugrian, Turkish-Tartar, and Russian languages. The Udmurt youth's native-language knowledge is poor, moreover, the word-group undergoing this analysis does not form part of the basic vocabulary of the Udmurt language any more. This is the reason why the collection of lexical material has a special importance: it helps to save and to preserve the linguistic values. The analysis was carried out by new methods. The use of questionnaire particularly emphasizing the character of kinships is methodologically new.

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  • Oldalszám: 216
  • Formátum: B5_01
  • Borító típusa: kemény, papír
  • ISBN: 9630574454
  • Cikk kód: 2010000096
  • Kiadás éve: 1998