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László Katics, Dénes Lőrinczy

Strength Training

Biomechanics, Exercises and Methods

A richly illustrated, user-friendly companion with adequate theoretical background for those practicing strength training either for competitive sports or for general health preservation. It offers effective, practical advice for coaches, trainers, athletes, and all those individuals who participate in sports, and provides important guidance on carrying out strength training without injuries. It includes a description of the interaction of the muscles, the skeletal system and function, a presentation of strength exercises by equipment, a classification of strength exercises by muscle groups, an introduction to the tools and general methods of strength training and hundreds of inventive exercises illustrating the practical application of the theory.


The authors: Dr. László Katics directs the strength training of the Hungarian judo team and of Olympic and World champion water polo players. Dr. Dénes Lőrinczy is a highly cited scholar currently engaged in the study of molecular dynamics (EPR spectroscopy) and thermal stability (differential scanning calorimetry).

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  • Size: A4_02
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630589994
  • Article code: 4000024613
  • Publication date: 2012