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LanguageCert B2 Exam Preparation Guide

The book offers students exam preparation support for the B2 level LanguageCert exams. The book reflects the official LanguageCert exam specifications and includes:

ˇ         6 chapters covering all exam topics

ˇ         6 complete practice tests with a wide range of skills development activities

ˇ         an additional official sample paper

ˇ         a detailed overview of the exam tasks

ˇ         guidance, strategies and tips

ˇ         key, suggested answers


The book offers free additional support materials, available online:

ˇ         full audio material for the listening tests

( )

ˇ         marked model answers for the speaking and writing tasks

( )

ˇ         additional ideas for classroom use

( )


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  • Size: B5 (168x240 mm körülvágott méret)
  • Type of Cover: Kartonált, ragasztókötött
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