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Imre Madách, Marcell Jankovics

The Tragedy of Man

with images from the animated film adaptation by Marcell Jankovics


A piece of classical Hungarian tragedy with illustrations taken from the animated film version of the play by Hungary's leading graphic artists.


The play written in the 19th century was translated into 90 languages and was put on stages around the world at the big theatres of the time with great success.

Marcell Jankovics is the writer, designer and director of the 155-minute-long animated film version of the play which he started in 1988 and is due in DVD format this year. The film was produced using a variety of animation techniques ranging from hand-drawn characters to digital compositing.

C.P. Sanger's translation aims at being literal, almost line for line, but at the same time reminding the reader that the original is in verse. The present translation of the drama was originally published in 1933 by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at Hogarth Press.

Author Biography

IMRE MADÁCH (1823-1864) was as a Hungarian writer, poet, lawyer and politician. His major work is The Tragedy of Man (1861) which is comparable to Goethe's Faust in its ideas.

MARCELL JANKOVICS is an acclaimed filmmaker, graphic artist and cultural historian who has written, designed and directed several hundred animated shorts and three full-length animated films. He is a recipient of more than forty Hungarian and international awards including Hollywood, Nomination for Academy Award (1975); Cannes Film Festival, Golden Palm (1977); Los Angeles, Animation Olympiad, Among the Best Animation of Ever (1984).

CHARLES PERCY SANGER (1871-1930) was a Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge University, who authored several books in diverse subject areas, such as business, ethics, history, literature and sociology.

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