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Judit Maruszki

Szó, ami szó

Magyar-angol tematikus idiómatár

Our Hungarian Idioms by Topic is a book that fills an important gap in the teaching of Hungarian as a foreign language.

The volume contains a careful selection of thematically arranged idiomatic expressions and stock phrases commonly used in everyday Hungarian.

It aims to help learners who have reached a certain level of proficiency in Hungarian

and are at approximately B2 level to systematically expand their vocabulary.

The idioms are listed in the alphabetical order of their key words, and the learner is introduced to the world of idiomatic expressions through sample sentences that illustrate the usage of each phrase.

At the end of each thematic chapter, you will find practice tasks and activities that serve to encourage the learners to use language they have recently learnt,

and also to check how well they have succeeded in acquiring the new phrases.

We suggest that the students or the teacher should browse through the book and select the idioms they will focus on according to the students' interest or the thematic nature of the material that they are currently studying.

We particularly recommend this book for use

·    with second- or third-generation descendants of Hungarians emigrants;

·    with the more mature (age 12-14 onwards) students of Saturday or Sunday Schools;

·    with either individual learners or groups of students;

·    by all teachers of Hungarian who wish to expand their teaching repertoire.

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