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Fábián Zsuzsanna

Hungarian lexicography I.

Bilingual dictionaries

The 5th volume of Lexikográfiai füzetek series edited by the Dictionary Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and published by Akadémiai Kiadó (Budapest) surveys both the history and the current state of bilingual lexicography in Hungary, primarily for a non-Hungarian audience. Such a detailed survey of Hungarian lexicography has not as yet been available in a foreign language, and, in light of globalization trends, the need to give an account of what has so far been achieved and is still to be done in this field cannot be overemphasized.

The lexicographical issues are treated in the context of language pairs that include both major and minor modern European languages.

Among the contributors to this volume are experts both in the theoretical and practical aspects of lexicography - academics and researchers, as well as doctoral students.

The studies in this collection aim to give an overall picture of the state of Hungarian-foreign language lexicography in terms of its achievements.

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