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Ferenc Bakos

Dictionary of Foreign Words and Expressions with CD-ROM

The aim of the Idegen szavak és kifejezések kéziszótára is to collect the foreign words and expressions which are used in the Hungarian language, and present their meaning, usage, spelling and pronunciation. The dictionary shows the right context in which these foreign words should be used, by the help of the numerous stylistic and subject labels. The revised and upgraded dictionary contains more than 30 000 headwords, their translations, with explanation. The vocabulary was chosen from everyday used foreign words, set phrases and proper nouns which are still mostly considered foreign sounding. The upgrading and enlarging were mostly focussed on the vocabulary of informatics, law, economics, technical sciences and natural sciences. In the period since the first edition, these fields have greatly developed,  and the effect of development  can be measured by the language changes and the creation and spread of new words.

After registration the dictionary is available at www.szotar.net for two years.

Link to a board game entitled Definity based on this dictionary: http://akkrt.hu/main.php?folderID=875&prodID=66275&pdetails=1

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  • Number of pages: 748
  • Size: B5_01
  • Type of Cover: hard, paper
  • ISBN: 9789630582056
  • Article code: 4000005414
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