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Pál Beluszky, T. Tamás Sikos

Változó falvaink

Tizenkét falurajz Kercaszomortól Nyírkarászig

The volume gives insight into the colorful world of the countryside,

through a sociological and geographical description of 12 Hungarian

villages. It points out that the villages do not follow the same

patterns of life, the same model cannot be applied for all the

settlements. The book introduces different types of villages with

different histories, ethnic diversity, different economic roles and ways

of development: from disadvantageous villages of 150 inhabitants and

decreasing population (Szakácsi, Kercaszomor) to growing settlements in

the agglomeration zone of Budapest (Budakalász, Budajenő). It summarizes

the results of the authors in establishing the typology of rural

settlements system.

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  • Number of pages: 360
  • Size: B5_01
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  • ISBN: 9789630589949
  • Article code: 4000026198
  • Publication date: 2011
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