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Hargittai István

Our Lives

A Scientist Encounters the 20th Century

István Hargittai is Professor of Chemistry of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Ph.D. of Eötvös University, D.Sc. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dr.h.c. of Moscow University, and D.Sc.h.c. of the University of North Carolina. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and member of the Academia Europaea. He has been awarded, jointly with his wife, the Széchenyi State Prize of Hungary.

In this highly personal book, he writes about his life, the lives of his friends, about his science, and about famous scientists. The scope of this volume encompasses the period from the Holocaust to the present day. He speaks about the inhuman character of political systems, but conveys also the uplifting nature of scientific research, and provides a panoramic picture of the sciences of our time.

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  • Cikk kód: PTUDM03500
  • ISBN: 9789630581019
  • Oldalszám: 264
  • Formátum: B5
  • Borító típusa: kemény, papír
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