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Annamária Gróf, Virág Szende, Csilla Varga, Nagyné) Vidéki Erzsébet (P.

Kiliki a Földön 2. (könyv+ 2 audio CD)

Magyar nyelvkönyv gyerekeknek

In the second volume of our coursebook series we follow the further development of Kiliki's adventures. We recommend this volume for young teenagers aged 10 to 14, for those who can read and write at an elementary level in Hungarian, and who have already completed the first volume.

The comics-like story develops into a novel in series in which further characters are introduced both from the Earth and Planet Almak, too. At the same time the world opens up: the book leads the students beyond the capital of Hungary, to the various parts of Hungary.

The pool of activities resembles the ones in the first volume while they are varied and become more serious. However, games are provided as well, and cultural competence is introduced, too.

Still, the principal goal of the coursebook is to provide the pragmatic tools  necessary in achieving real life communication. Besides, it develops Hungarian spelling and builds reading skills through coherent texts.

The content of the teaching material:

Coursebook - Kiliki's adventures in ten units: there are series-like reading sessions, along with a wealth of vocabulary and grammar activities, practice and support to develop listening, speaking and writing skills and to acquire proper spoken Hungarian, and also with some further cultural material.

Two audio CDs - the authentic audio recording of the coursebook attached to the book. It contains the texts of the reading sessions and activities to develop listening and speaking skills.

Teacher's Pack - Teacher's book with Keys and Photocopiable pages to provide colourful extra material to make the course more engaging.

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  • Number of pages: 236
  • Size: A4_02
  • Type of Cover: Paperback, glued
  • ISBN: 9789630589376
  • Article code: 4000017693
  • Publication date: 2010
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