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Csaba H. Detre

Terrestrial and Cosmic Spherules

Proceedings of the 1998 Annual Meeting TECOS

"Spherulogy" is a new science, which is dealing with one of the commonest matters of the universe: cosmic dust. Our planet, the Earth, is an excellent trap for cosmic dust which can be found in the earth crust, where it is named "extraterrestrial spherule", and is also present in the atmosphere, marked with the term "aerosol".       It is certain that most of these objects - investigated by geologists, astronomers, space researchers and meteorologists - are the same. The origin of a great part of the "spherules" and "aerosols" is unknown, although a large number of geological formations is very rich in the spherule occurrences.       The research of the "cosmic dust, spherule, aerosol" complex is one of the most interesting multidisciplinary field of research in the history of science. It is a real scientific challenge.

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