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Hoppál Mihály, Csonka-Takács Eszter

Eros in Folklore

Eros, as an organizing force governing customs, festive rites and normal activities of everyday life, has, over the millennia, become part of human cultures. It is clear that different ages and cultures have divergent attitudes to the questions of eroticism; for example the degree of nudity, the judgement attached to an uncovered knee or ankle, the breasts or, indeed, to a naked face may vary from culture to culture. What is regarded as an erotic challenge in one culture is a natural part of everyday life in another, and vice versa. Indeed, even within the same culture, the view taken of eroticism (and sex) may vary from one period to another and from one social class to another – even though the dominant ideology may be of crucial importance. Essays presented in this volume give many examples of the hidden erotic symbolism used in folklore. Eros in folklore as a subject has by no means been exhausted yet, especially not for cultural anthropologists or culture historian, and particularly not for folklorists, who have contributed extensively to the present studies.

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  • ISBN: 9789630578141
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  • Kiadás éve: 2002
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