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Miklós Gábor

Mouse Ear Inflammation Models and their Pharmacological Applications

      This monograph is the first book to give a general survey of the different mouse ear inflammation models and their pharmacological applications. A number of investigators emphasize the usefulness of the application of different models of oedema, induced in mouse ear with croton oil, 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate, cantharidin, mustard oil, arachidonic acid, dithranol (anthralin), capsaicin, ethyl phenylpropiolate, interleukin-1 or zymosan and also carrageenin-induced mouse ear dermatitis (Part One).       The second part of the book provides the reader with concise information on the pharmacological applications of the different mouse ear models: investigations of the anti-inflammatory activities of synthetic compounds and other substances, including anti-inflammatory substances of plant origin (terpenoids, benzopyrone derivatives, etc.), plant extracts and marine products. The last section of the monograph furnishes information on the mouse ear oedema models for the investigation of agents in hyperproliferative or inflammatory skin diseases.       The book is of interest to pharmacologists, dermatologists, organic chemists, pharmacognosists and investigators in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Publication date: 2000
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