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Iván Róbert Gál, Ichiro Iwasaki, Zsuzsa Széman

Assessing Intergenerational Equity

The Project on Intergenerational Equity (PIE) is a top-priority research project sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of Japan. The project was launched in 2001 by the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan) and carried forward by the Center for Intergenerational Studies, newly established in 2007 within the Institute. The PIE is designated to study intergenerational issues in Japan and the World with the participation of a wide range of international reserarchers. This volume contains the research results of the project concerning Hungary.


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  • Number of pages: 216
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  • ISBN: 9789630585620
  • Article code: 4000014575
  • Publication date: 2008
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