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Gábor Barna, Ildikó Kríza

Folk Ballads, Ethics, Moral Issues

It follows from the tragedy-reporting characteristics of the folk ballad that ethical and moral issues appear directly or indirectly, generally in a social context related to the history of the people concerned. Such issues include incest, cannibalism and the dilemma of loyalty or disloyalty. No single genre of folk poetry is capable of covering all aspects of ethics. Indeed, it can be said that scholarly classification is not capable either of tracing ethics in all aspects of folklore. Nevertheless, there are moral issues which typically appear in ballads and this genre is capable of throwing light on details regarding the essence of traditional morality and behaviour which are hidden parts of folk culture. The concept of justice is relative and its evaluation changes from period to another. As a result, the ethical attitude of the ballads, the message embedded in the action is barely understandable for today's values and it is only with the help of analysis by experts that we can learn the real meaning.

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  • Publication date: 2003
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