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László Csaba

The New Political Economy of Emerging Europe

Second, revised, extended and updated edition, 2007

In this second, revised an extended edition the evolution of emerging Europe is analyzed against the background of major changes in the constitutional, fiscal, regional and neighborhood policies of the European Union. The basic points of reference remain, as in the first edition, the global economy and institutionally informed standard economic theory. The book, which in part, or in its entirety, is suited for a textbook, is oriented not only for classroom use, but towards a broad international audience of academics, policy advisors and informed intellectuals with an interest in central and eastern Europe and development in general.

This book  provides an overview of the economic challenges of the post-transition period when the Communist past is no longer a defining feature of development. Interpreting successes and failures in a single analytical frame the book is devoted to the new agenda faced by middle income countries  in the double challenge of  globalization and Europeanization. We analyse if, when, and to what degree, joining the European Union provides a solution, and how new members can contribute to the Lisbon Strategy of the EU.

We find that solid finances, reliance on foreign direct investment, public policies committed to the public purpose rather than to vested interest, and impartial regulation and  enforcement of rule of law are among the major components of success. The book also addresses the two `extreme` cases of Russia and China , both seemingly defying all existing theories. Finally separate chapters analyse what way institutions and regulation matter in a growingly transnationalized world dominated by the information technology and changes triggered by it.

From the recent echo of the first edition

"The book addresses fundamental issues of the post-transition economies. The conclusions are clear and to the point."

Jacques de Laroisere, former Managing Director of the IMF, advisor to the President of BNP Paribas, Paris

"It is a great value of this book that, while rejecting the temptingly simple and fashionable suggestions, still it convinces the reader that there are, indeed, meaningful answers to the question it raises."

Prof. Alexandre Lamfalussy, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium and former President of the European Monetary Institute, Frankfurt

"Overall, this is an extremely useful book for trying to understand post-socialist transformation, development economics, Chinese and Russian puzzles and the European enlargement."

Prof. Gulshan Sachdeva, J. Nehru University, New Delhi, India in: Europe-Asia Studies, Glasgow, vol. 58. no5/2006.

„The author does not attempt to refute mainstream economics, but complements it with institutional insights paving the way towards a new synthesis in development studies."

Prof. Emeritus György Szakolczai, General Business School, in: Valóság, Multidiciplinary monthly, Budapest, vol. 51. no7/2006.

„A great deal of scientific work creating a very consistent text, summing up the contemporary reflection on the transformation process."

Jan Hrich, Head of Research of the Institute of International Relations in: Perspectives - the Central European Journal on International Affairs, Prague, no26/Fall, 2006.

About the author: László Csaba (b.1954) is Professor of Economics and European Studies at the Central European University, an American private post-graduate institution located in Budapest. He also serves as Professor of Economics at the Universities of Debrecen and Budapest Corvinus University. Author of over 2oo chapters in books and academic articles published in 18 countries, he was visiting professor in Finland, Germany and Italy. On the editorial board of 9 academic journals of which 5 are based outside Hungary. Dr. Csaba has been Chair, Committee on Economics, The Hungarian Academy of Sciences for 2002-2008. For 1999-2000 he served as President of the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies. More information on his personal website: www.csabal.com

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