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Acta Juridica Hungarica

Acta Juridica Hungarica

Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies

Acta Juridica presents the achievements of the legal sciences and legal scholars in Hungary and details of the Hungarian legislation and legal literature. The journal accepts articles from every field of the legal sciences. Recently, the editors have encouraged contributions from outside Hungary, with the aim of covering the legal sciences in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.Publishes book reviews and advertisements.

The content is available online at www.akademiai.com site. Subscribers can access the electronic version of every printed article.

Editor(s)-in-Chief Jakab, Éva
Language English
Founded in 1959
Paper ISSN 1216-2574
Online ISSN 1588-2616
Publication One volume of four issues annually
Publication Programme 2015: Vol. 56
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Editorial Correspondence Acta Juridica Hungarica
P.O. Box 25
HU–1250 Budapest,Hungary
Phone: (36 1) 355 7384
Fax. (36 1) 375 7858
E-mail: acta.juridica@tk.mta.hu
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