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Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

The periodical is devoted to the results achieved by Hungarian archaeologists. It covers studies of the most important excavations, finds and problems of the period from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. It contains, further, short papers on individual finds and comprehensive reports on the single fields of research, as well. Publishes book reviews and advertisements.

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Editor(s)-in-Chief Benkő, Elek; Gabler, Dénes
Editor(s) Solti, Judit
Editorial Board Cs. Bálint, E. Bánffy, Á. Bollók, L. Bartosiewicz, F. Daim, G. Kaenel, J. K. Kozlowski, M. Szabó
Language English, German, French, Italian, Russian
Founded in 1951
Paper ISSN 0001-5210
Online ISSN 1588-2551
Publication One volume of two issues annually
Publication Programme 2015: Vol. 66
Indexing and Abstracting Services International Bibliographies IBZ and IBR, SCOPUS
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H-1014 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: (36 1) 375 9011
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