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Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

Acta Antiqua publishes original research papers, review articles and book reviews in the field of ancient studies. It covers the field of history, literature, philology and material culture of the Ancient East, the Classical Antiquity and, to a lesser part, of Byzantium and the Latin culture of Mediaeval, Renaissance and Early Modern Europe, as well as the ’Nachleben’ of Classical Antiquity.

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Editor(s)-in-Chief Takács, László
Managing Editor(s) Krähling, Edit
Editorial Board Dezső, T., Maróth, M., Mayer, Gy., Nagyillés, J., Simon, L. Z., Szekeres, Cs., Szovák, K., Visy, Zs.

Advisory Board Brockman, Chr., Crawford, M., Easterling, P., Gastgeber, Chr., Horváth, L., Láda, Cs., Maehler, H., Rhodes, P., Ritoók, Zs.
Language English, French, (Latin), German, Italian, Spanish
Founded in 1951
Paper ISSN 0044-5975
Online ISSN 1588-2543
Publication One volume of four issues annually
Publication Programme 2015: Vol. 55
Indexing and Abstracting Services Current Contents - Arts and Humanities, Arts and Humanities Citation Index.
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Editorial Correspondence László Takács
Acta Antiqua
Egyetem utca 1.
H-2087 Piliscsaba
Phone: (+36 26) 375 375 / 2921
E-mail: acta.antiqua.hung@gmail.com
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